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Butternut Squash Cappellacci with Sage Brown Butter

These “hats” are a classic dish in Ferrara, where you’ll find them filled with a range of different things, from meat to vegetables. In this version, the toasted flavor of the butter and the herbal quality of the sage in the sauce really bring out the nuttiness of the parmesan and butternut squash in the filling. (source: Gourmet.com)

Serves 4 | Active time: 1.5 hours | Start to finish: 2.5 hours


Stuffed Sliders Your Way

Treat this recipe as a basic template from which to have a blast mixing and matching different meats with different cheeses. The Parmesan is a must and not an option to switch out; it’s the magic ingredient that will make the meat more savory and any cheese you stuff in your slider taste cheesier. (source: Gourmet.com)

Makes about 30 (2-inch) sliders | Active time: 45 minutes | Total time: 1.5 hours


White-Cut Chicken

It’s traditional to serve a whole chicken, including the head and feet, for Chinese New Year. The white meat symbolizes purity, and serving the entire bird represents unity. Plunging the chicken into ice water after poaching ensures that the meat is perfectly juicy and tender. A very simple but powerful dipping sauce tops it off. Use only a tiny amount — it’s quite strong.

Serves 8 | Active Time: 45 minutes | Start to Finish: 4.75 Hours


Dark Gingerbread Pear Cake

This fresh ginger and pear combination infuses a robust old-world favorite with newfound vibrancy. Perfect for a chilly night next to the fireplace, the Dark Gingerbread Pear Cake is both hearty and satisfying. Pair it with a rich fresh-ground coffee or your favorite red wine. You can't lose if you serve this rich dessert at your next gathering.

Makes one (9-inch) cake | Active time: 20 minutes | Start to finish: 1 Hour



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